Flavors + Knowledge Podcast

Flavors and knowledge is a bilingual podcast focusing on gastronomic education concerning food to complement a healthy lifestyle.

HISTORY OF CAPONATA podcastListen now (8 min) | Chef Walters Flavors + Knowledge Podcast on the history of caponata.
HISTORY OF THE FORK podcastListen now (9 min) | The episode speaks about the history of the fork and its acceptance within European societies. Chef Walter narrates.
HISTORY OF KRAPFEN podcastListen now (10 min) | The sweet versions of the pastry became predominant, and have remained closely associated with the Carnival, a festive period…
EGGPLANT + CHOCOLATE podcastListen now (9 min) | At a small village on the Amalfi coast, the eggplant finds a place of honor on every table.
THE MIGHTY MINESTRONEListen now (8 min) | The episode talks about the different styles of minestrone. A vegetable soup can unite all spirits, even with a thousand different…
PASTA E FAGIOLI Cooking LessonListen now (8 min) | The classic pasta and beans recipe from Naples, tested in the kitchen of my beloved mother Elda. Podcast Format.
JEWISH-ITALIAN PASSOVER podcastListen now (13 min) | The Jewish food in Italy, a balance of unusual fragrances in the context of the Mediterranean basin. A legacy of bitterness and…
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