Flavors + Knowledge Podcast

Flavors and knowledge is a bilingual podcast focusing on gastronomic education concerning food to complement a healthy lifestyle.

HOW I MANAGE MY DIABETESListen now (25 min) | More than 34 million Americans have diabetes (about 1 in 10), and approximately 90-95% of them have type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabe…
NATALIE PATERSON ON "FOCUS 5"Listen now (24 min) | Natalie speaks about her concept of growing microgreens at home, effortlessly and approachable to everyone.
POPULAR FOODS IN RHODE ISLAND Listen now (20 min) | The smallest state in the union may surprise you with all it contains in its 1,214 square miles.
JENNIFER HELENE ON "Focus5"Listen now (17 min) | Today's guest brings a fresher approach to a renewed lifestyle through various essential suggestions. Let's listen!
YOU MAY WANT TO LISTEN TO THISListen now (8 min) | Here's list of the top 10 toxic ingredients found in our food.
BREAD, NOT THE ENEMYListen now (7 min) | There are many other breads made with alternative ingredients that may satisfy your taste and avoid the sense of renouncement.
FOOD SCIENCE SUGGESTIONSListen now (8 min) | Knowing the intricacy of science in food, may help in your cooking abilities and expand your creativity.
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