The Alba White Truffle World Market represents the largest international exhibition of truffles from the Piedmont hills of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato.

{Image Attribution via Artigiani del Tartufo}

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The white Truffle, a mushroom born and matures underground, has become one of the status symbols of rich and elegant eating. We travel from the world’s four corners for white truffles, known as the Langhe region in Piedmont. There is a pleasant symbiosis between the truffles and the Barolo wine, rightly certified as the world’s most famous wine. Many have foolishly attempted to cultivate truffles but with negative results, one of the reasons for its justified mythology.

It is found underground by specially trained dogs, who are themselves revered with stardom and kindness. Because of its rarity, the price may oscillate between 3 thousand to 5 thousand dollars per pound, and unregulated meaning no commission or entity oversees the harvest and marketing, but a bunch of friends who decides every year on the going rate, after several bottles of Barolo or Barbaresco.

In the kitchen, the Truffle finds companionship with just about any food combination, mostly on fresh tajarin pasta, on a classic Aostan fondue, succulent beef tenderloin with a wine reduction, on a well-executed Carnaroli risotto, and perhaps the highest elevation of them all, a poached organic egg.

Known in antiquity for its aphrodisiac benefit, however never really proven, truffles appear on the tables of the finest restaurants worldwide. They are a must-taste for anyone seeking unusual and fragrant taste.

The harvest has a narrow window of time, usually from September to December. However, it is also the period when the city of Alba in Piedmont organizes the Truffle Fair, visited by thousand of gourmands, who purchase, taste, and attend various demos and tastings to learn more about this exquisite gift from nature.

Endorsed by luminaries such as the Italian composer Rossini, Alfred Hitchcock, and Marylin Monroe, the Truffle remains a commodity for everyone’s palate in a more recent past. There are six foods we should try in our lifetime. Truffle leads the category.

{Images Attribution via Fiera del Tartufo}

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