{Burj Al Arab from the helicopter}

Hello Friends, I hope all is well.

I am in Dubai presenting the Yummex 2021 “Sweet Tastes of the World.” Last night I tried a brand new Greek restaurant named ANASA. The pic above represents one of the many landmarks of the city. A few days ago, the legendary Andrea Bocelli performed on the rotunda set on the water with entry tickets priced at $20.000 per person. Not a bad working day for the Italian artist.

Anasa rests on the rooftop of the Conrad Hotel in the Financial District of the city. The restaurant offers a gastronomic experience that brings you simple yet delicious food and unforgettable moments.

Anása, which means breath, is a breath of fresh air in a relaxing urban oasis. Greeks don’t conduct their lives by the clock and don’t hurry for anyone. Instead, expect an easygoing and friendly service and authentic Greek food using only top-quality ingredients for each dish. Located outdoors, surrounded by a lush green oasis, it offers the perfect setting for gastronomic pleasure, around a fountain pouring water into a striking multi-dimension pool.

Since you are not here, I will dine along and let you know about the experiences. Hopefully, you will be able to get to Dubai soon during the EXPO 2021.

Goodbye - mae alsalama - مع السلامة