Buongiorno amici:

I am visiting Central Italy, the region of Abruzzo, my birthplace. I am working on the program for my upcoming tour of Puglia in April 2022. In the pic, the Gran Sasso of Italy, the most prominent pinnacle of the Appennines, shot from my hometown of Mosciano Sant Ángelo near the Adriatic Sea. The distance between where I am standing to the mountains is 46 KM.

Enjoy it if it helps cope with our cold weather in New England.

Covid is highly respected here, and everyone adheres to the regulations without any animosity. Instead, there is a feeling of “let’s get done together” and end this disruption.

Stay safe. Look out for new articles to reach your inbox this week.

Visit HERE for the listing of our 2022 Tours. We will offer the Puglia Tour in 2023 as well.

Chef Walter